Khmer Experience Package at The Bale Phnom Penh

Welcome to Cambodia — a land of a thousand stories, enriched with diverse cultural celebrations, from the food to the local languages, from the people to their tribal customs. All of which are united by the crafts of their hands, the music that fills their everyday life, and the life-giving Mekong river that connects every corner of Cambodia.

The Khmer Experience Package

If you have fallen in love with Cambodia, we have a special treat for you. Our Khmer Experience Package will bring a taste of authentic Khmer culture to your resort experience at The Balé Phnom Penh, the only luxury resort in the capital city by the Mekong river.

We will transport you back to the ancient world when Cambodia was one of the most important silk trade centers in southeast Asia. Indeed, silk weaving has been a core theme of Khmer culture since the pre-Angkor era. At the iconic temple Angkor Wat itself, images of women are depicted wearing traditional silk garments, and mulberry forests used to be plentiful, which would feed the silkworms and power the silk trade with ancient China. At Koh Dach, also known as the Silk Island Phnom Penh, you will meet with masters of silk weaving who run various communities of silk weavers in order to save the ancient art from extinction.

We will then give you the elusive gift of knowledge in the creation of Khmer cuisine. Our highest ranking chefs will meet you and share their secrets to the delicious dish that you have been experiencing at Theato Restaurant in The Balé Phnom Penh. You will also get to explore all other kinds of local dishes; from the streets to the dinner table at Theato, you can capture the essence of Khmer cuisine and bring them all back home with you.

Package inclusions

  • Welcome drink and refreshments upon arrival
  • Accommodation for two nights at a Suite room of your choice
  • Special daily breakfast at Theato Restaurant
  • Daily fresh tropical fruits and homemade cookies
  • Masterclass with our chef in one Khmer Cooking Class session
    • This includes an adventurous and curated tour around the local market
    • Lunch with your very own Khmer creation at Theato Restaurant
  • Tour at Koh Dach or Silk Island by our chosen local tuk tuk
  • 24-hour butler service to customize your experience at The Balé
  • Wi-Fi access throughout the resort

Simply type in the promotional code “EXPERIENCEPKG” (without the apostrophes) at our official website, and book a minimum 2-night stay to proceed.

We will be waiting for you with our welcoming smiles, ready to greet you with the magical phrase, Choum reap sor! To learn more about the Khmer Experience Package at The Balé Phnom Penh, click on this link.