About Us


The Balé Phnom Penh is a perfect example of the union between the stunning local Mekong Delta landscape and the PassionForLife philosophy of the resort’s parent company, Lifestyle Retreats. PassionForLife is a unique concept developed and perfected over the years, and practiced at all Lifestyle Retreats properties. The result is a hotel harmony created by designing an exquisite resort that is run with skill and dedication by its own staff ‘Family’, and that blends with and supports the local environment and people.

The whole concept offers you a memorable experience of truly holistic luxury.

the bale phnom penh pond
the bale phnom penh corridor evening
the bale phnom penh buddha statue


Central to our guests’ happiness and satisfaction is the professionalism and dedication of our staff ‘Family’. Almost all our Family members are Cambodian and are graduates of our rigorous training programme and our PassionForLife philosophy, which sets us and our sister Lifestyle Retreats resorts apart from other hospitality companies. More Family members are being recruited from the local neighbourhood, which is part of our way of giving back to the community; it also offers you a unique local resource as these Family members have expert local knowledge and can answer your questions about the local environment and culture.

butler service at the bale phnom penh
waiter serving romantic dinner