The Best parks and nature in Phnom Penh

Photo by keo khemrin

Phnom Penh may be the largest and busiest city in Cambodia. However, it is not the concrete jungle that many people may think it is. There are acres of parks with wide open grassy fields, and riverside parks – the perfect Phnom Penh tourism hub, where Cambodians and international tourists can sit, relax, and enjoy the city vibe and cultural landmarks in the city.

In this article, we present the best city park in Phnom Penh to visit, as well as a wildlife park near The Balé, in which you can see animals in their large open exhibits.

Royal Palace Park, a city park and top Phnom Penh tourism area

The Royal Palace is a city icon that is impossible to miss. This magnificent building was home to King Norodom in the 19th century. The king and his descendants have ruled the strategic river tributary and dealt with international politics. To the Cambodians, the Royal Palace is a symbol of transformation from Phnom Penh as Cambodia’s monarch city into the modern economic powerhouse it is today.

An important historical monument such as the Royal Palace is nested in a manicured and decorated park that all citizens can enjoy. The park also contains other important buildings that were connected with the monarchy, and you could definitely see the contents of buildings such as the Throne Room, the Moonlight Pavilion, the stupas, and more. The park is surrounded by many trees and wide open spaces where picnics are allowed.

Phnom Penh Safari, a nature park

Phnom Penh Safari is an animal park that embraces the safari concept. Unlike a regular zoo, the animals in Phnom Penh Safari are all contained inside large exhibits that mimic the features of their natural habitat. Apart from natural features such as ground composition, rocks and trees, migrating African herbivores of various species, for example, are put together to simulate the positive effects of biodiversity in nature.

The only way to appreciate the wildlife that populates the Phnom Penh Safari is to go on a safari tour, either by foot or with a small train ride. As a nature park, you can enjoy the space that it offers, as well as seeing the animals in their natural habitats.

Enjoy Phnom Penh tourism hub by staying at a Phnom Penh River Resort

These two parks are highly accessible from The Balé Phnom Penh, a luxury resort by the Mekong river. The Balé as a retreat resort is also designed to incorporate nature into our hotel grounds. You can best enjoy this green sensation by booking our Courtyard or Riverside Suite – both offer the comfort and mesmerizing view that you’ll need to relax in a Phnom Penh hotel.

From The Balé, you can visit Tonle Bati, Koh Dach, and the Wat Botum Vatey Playground very easily. The Balé Phnom Penh is a hotel that is centrally located to Phnom Penh tourism destinations.