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Traditional Cambodian Wedding Ceremony

A wedding in Cambodia could be the experience of a lifetime for you and your fiancé. It marks the beginning of a new life with excitement, adventure, and more importantly, a unique memory. Planning for the big day can be stressful without the help of a wedding consultant.

The wedding venue

One of the biggest sources of stress is not planning the wedding, but rather in choosing the venue. A wedding venue is more than just a place to have a wedding celebration. It’s where your guests will witness you and your partner at your absolute best, as well as showcasing what you have to offer for your guests.

Deciding on your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will face. When planning a destination wedding, it’s vital to ensure that your venue can offer you support in planning and executing your wedding from afar. The Balé Phnom Penh riverside resort has a team of wedding consultants with experience in planning and organizing beautiful weddings. We have contacts with the best catering companies, photographers, decorations teams, and logisticians to bring your dreams to life.

Traditional Cambodian wedding

If you’re planning to spice up the wedding ceremony by adapting a local touch, we can help you to plan a traditional Cambodian wedding by arranging for you traditional wedding clothes, decoration, food and music.

An interesting thing to note is that the very traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony lasts three days and three nights. This includes the pre-wedding and post-wedding customs. The first day celebrates the dowry ceremony, as the groom offers elaborate gifts to the bride’s family. Monk blessings and parent appreciation ceremony takes place as well.

On the second day, more processions take place as the bride and groom honor their families and ancestors. The actual vow making takes place on the final day, where the literal knot between the bride and the groom is finally tied. The red string around the couple’s wrists symbolizes happiness, good health, success and long-lasting love.

The exotic honeymoon

You may already have a plan in mind on places to visit in Cambodia. For the more spontaneous couple, the honeymoon adventures have just begun. If you would like to go to an exotic location in Cambodia, we can give you suggestions and insiders’ insights that you won’t find on the Internet.

If you would like to start from Phnom Penh, the city is less than half an hour’s drive south. Considering a river cruise? Don’t forget to visit Koh Dach, also known as Silk Island, where you can get a glimpse at how silk is traditionally farmed and transformed into beautiful gowns and linen.

Go on a road trip to the magnificent Tonlé Sap lake and visit the floating village and floating markets in Chong Kneas.

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