Unique Things to Do in Phnom Penh

Posted on 24 June 2020

things to do in phnom penh

Photo by lonelyplanet.com. Phnom Penh has drastically modernized since Cambodia declared independence on 9th November 1953, and now the city shines as a hub for digital nomads and international globetrotters. Looking forward to an exciting and unforgettable overseas experience? This is your essential guide for things to do in Phnom (more...)

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Best Restaurants in Phnom Penh

Posted on 10 June 2020

phnom penh restaurant

Phnom Penh is a truly magical city. A melting pot of cultures, the city never fails to deliver excitement and novelty. This is particularly true in the capital’s culinary world, where all the world’s flavors come to meet at the tip of your tongue. Looking for the best restaurants in (more...)

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Traditional Cambodian Wedding Ceremony

Posted on 27 May 2020

weddings at phnom penh, cambodia

A wedding in Cambodia could be the experience of a lifetime for you and your fiancé. It marks the beginning of a new life with excitement, adventure, and more importantly, a unique memory. Planning for the big day can be stressful without the help of a wedding consultant. The wedding (more...)

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Phnom Penh Guide to Booking the Best Accommodation

Posted on 13 May 2020

riverfront suite the bale cambodia

What do you consider when looking for accommodation in Phnom Penh? What would be perfect for you, in terms of location, facilities and experience? Over the years, as we become more experienced in the Phnom Penh accommodation industry, we’ve gained insight about what would make an ideal hotel. We would (more...)

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Where to Stay in Phnom Penh for Luxury Hotel Retreats

Posted on 22 April 2020

main pool at the bale phnom penh cambodia

Where two rivers meet, a city was born, and that city is Phnom Penh. The river city is busy, with locals congregating in bustling marketplaces. At night, the city doesn’t sleep, with bright city lights and grand reflections of a Phnom Penh hotel lining the banks of the Mekong and (more...)

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Why Stay at a Hotel in Phnom Penh with a Riverside View

Posted on 8 April 2020

riverfront suite at the bale phnom penh cambodia

Phnom Penh is a phenomenal city with a rich history, especially because of the famous Mekong river that flows through it. The Balé Phnom Penh is a boutique hotel and resort near the riverside, and the location is fantastic for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway in Cambodia. Here are (more...)

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